Final Fantasy XV Uncovered – All Info Summarized

Final Fantasy XV Uncovered – All Info...

Final Fantasy XV Uncovered started off with an amazing trailer showcasing the graphics in this game. Check out all of the announcements below!

  • Final Fantasy XV is officially releasing September 30, 2016 for PS4 and Xbox one.
  • Free Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo is available on Xbox One and PS4! The Platinum Demo is an entirely separate story from the Final Fantasy XV story. This demo should be a good starting point for anyone who has never played a Final Fantasy game. Also for some reason it felt like playing Kingdom Hearts.

Final Fantasy XV Uncovered Platinum Demo

  • The Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition will include an exclusive steelbook, Kingsglaive on Blu Ray, Final Fantasy XV game, and bonus DLC.

Final Fantasy XV Uncovered Deluxe Edition

  • The Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition will include an the game soundtrack, Brotherhood anime, exclusive steelbook, Kingsglaive on Blu Ray, Final Fantasy XV game, and bonus DLC. Only 30,000 units will be made!

Final Fantasy XV Uncovered Ultimate Collector's Edition

  • Preorders for both the Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Collector’s Edition are now available
  • A new trailer for the game was revealed.
  • New gameplay footage was shown showcasing the vast world of the game, the battle system, and Chocobo, who can now drift!
  • Main characters include Noctis, who is the playable character, and support characters Ignia, Gladiolus, and Prompto.
  • Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV anime will tell the story of the characters in this game. All 5 episodes available online for free. Episode 1 is now available.
  • Kingsglaive full-length film is coming in addition to the anime in 2016. The film will be available to stream or download. The film is voiced by Sean Bean, Aaron Paul, and Lena Headey.
  • Audi has partnered with Square Enix to create a real Audi R8 that is featured in the Kingsglaive film.
  • Mobile app Justice Monsters V is coming to Android, Windows, and iOS will feature minigames from the Final Fantasy series. Pre-registration for the game is available now.
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